Simplify Your Financial Closing in Electronic Payments

Close your books fast, efficiently, and with unbeatable transparency in electronic payments. ReconHub excels in providing clear and transparent automated electronic payment reconciliation. It provides deep insights in your payments data and enables effective and efficient problem identification. ReconHub not only simplifies your financial closing process but also ensures your records are transparent and compliant.

Crafted by Payment and Accounting Experts

With over 20 years of combined experience in payments and accounting, our team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. This unique fusion of expertise has led us to create ReconHub, a powerful solution tailored for reconciling electronic payments across various channels including point of sale, e-commerce, market places, delivery services and more. By leveraging our deep understanding of both electronic payments and accounting processes, we offer merchants a comprehensive solution that seamlessly automates payment reconciliation into their financial accounting systems.

ReconHub - Data Analytics

Here Is How It Works

ReconHub is designed to streamline your reconciliation process, reducing the complexity and time taken to match transactions and close your books.

Data Import

Seamlessly import sales, settlement, and bank data from various sources and formats.

How It Work - Data Import

Rule-Based Matching

Harness ReconHub's intelligent rules engine to effortlessly match transactions based on your defined criteria.

How It Work - Rule-Based Matching

Exception Handling

ReconHub promptly flags any unmatched transactions, providing a user-friendly process to resolve discrepancies.

How It Work - Exception Handling

Data Posting

Export the matched data as ledger postings. Enjoy ReconHub's support for different aggregations, cost centers, and more.

How It Work - Data Posting

What is Payment Reconciliation?

Find out what payment reconciliation means, why payment reconciliation is important and how it works.

A Reconciliation Engine to unlock Efficiency and Transparency

See how ReconHub improves the way you work.

Why Customers Choose Us

With ReconHub, finance and accounting teams close their books quickly, efficiently and with unbeatable transparency in electronic payments.




Reconciliation Intelligence

Reconciliation Intelligence

A Reconciliation Engine to Unlock Efficiency and Transparency

ReconHub provides a powerful reconciliation engine to match electronic payments that you have accepted with the bank payouts from your payment providers. Let ReconHub Reconciliation Intelligence help you to close your books efficiently and transparently.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Unleashing Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Reconciling electronic payments is one thing, but truly understanding your transactions, fee structures, and sales performance is another. This understanding empowers you to make informed decisions. With ReconHub's analytics feature, you can gain deep insights into your payment performance, identify trends, and optimize your financial operations.

Accounts and Receivables Management

Accounts & Receivables Management

Organized and Standardized Payments Reconciliation into your Ledger

Closing your books involves more than just reconciling transactions. It also requires consolidating the data in your ledger. Which is why ReconHub offers simple and standardized ways to group and post your transactions into your ledger. Organize and standardize your closing process to become more efficient and transparent and to achieve compliance faster.

Mockup Integrations and Connectivity

Integrations & Connectivity

Connecting Your Business for Seamless Operations

At the heart of reconciliation lies payment data. This is precisely why ReconHub was designed with integration in mind - to consolidate all data within a central reconciliation engine. With ReconHub, you gain the ability to seamlessly connect with various sales systems, web shops, market places, payment processors, banks, ERPs and accounting systems.

Plan - Enterprise

Large Enterprises

Master Financial Closing in Electronic Payments

End-to-End Payment Reconciliation for Enterprises.

  • Master Your Closing Process: Gain comprehensive insights, ensure transaction-level matching, and handle exceptions effectively.
  • Transparency in Payments and Processes: Gain a detailed understanding of your payments, fee mix, and matching processes.
  • Enhance Compliance: Increase transparency and standardize processes, to reduce risk and enhance compliance.
Plan - Business

Medium-Size Businesses

Streamline Your Closing Process in Electronic Payments

Simple Payment Reconciliation for Enterprises.

  • Streamline your Closing Process: Fast, clear, and accurate closing for electronic payments.
  • Gain Transparency: Simplify electronic payment tracking and understand your payments and fee mix.
  • Close with Confidence: Quick, insightful, and error-free financial closure.

A Plan That Adapts to the Needs of Your Business, Both Now and in the Future.


Ideal with less than 1 M transactions or 100 M CHF/EUR revenue per year.

For Medium-Sized Businesses
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Efficient, transparent electronic payment reconciliation.

  • Streamline Your Closing Process: Fast, clear and simple financial handling.
  • Gain Transparency: Simplify electronic payment tracking and understand your payments and fee mix.
  • Close with Confidence: Quick, insightful and transparent financial closure.


Ideal with more than 1 M transactions or 100 M CHF/EUR revenue per year.

For Large Enterprises
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In-depth control and transparency in payment reconciliation.

  • Master Your Closing Process: Comprehensive insights, transaction-level matching and effective exception handling.
  • Transparency in Payments and Processes: Understand your payments and fee mix, and your matching processes in detail.
  • Enhance Compliance: Increase transparency and standardize processes, to reduce risk and enhance compliance.

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