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Close Your Books Fast, Efficiently, and with Unbeatable Transparency in Electronic Payments

ReconHub excels in providing clear and transparent electronic payment reconciliation, delivering deep insights and enabling effective problem identification. This approach not only simplifies your financial closing process but also ensures your records are transparent and compliant.

Why Customers Choose Us

With ReconHub, finance and accounting teams close their books quickly, efficiently and with unbeatable transparency in electronic payments.




A Plan That Adapts to the Needs of Your Business, Both Now and in the Future.


Ideal with less than 1 M transactions or 100 M CHF/EUR revenue per year.

For Medium-Sized Businesses
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Efficient, transparent electronic payment reconciliation.

  • Streamline Your Closing Process: Fast, clear and simple financial handling.
  • Gain Transparency: Simplify electronic payment tracking and understand your payments and fee mix.
  • Close with Confidence: Quick, insightful and transparent financial closure.


Ideal with more than 1 M transactions or 100 M CHF/EUR revenue per year.

For Large Enterprises
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In-depth control and transparency in payment reconciliation.

  • Master Your Closing Process: Comprehensive insights, transaction-level matching and effective exception handling.
  • Transparency in Payments and Processes: Understand your payments and fee mix, and your matching processes in detail.
  • Enhance Compliance: Increase transparency and standardize processes, to reduce risk and enhance compliance.