Integrations and Connectivity

Integrations & Connectivity

Connecting Your Business for Seamless Operations

At the heart of reconciliation lies payment data. This is precisely why ReconHub was designed with integration in mind - to consolidate all data within a central reconciliation engine. 


Many Integrations Out of the Box. Connect.

  • Integrate effortlessly with popular sales systems, web shops, marketplaces, payment processors, banks, accounting systems, and ERPs without the need for custom development.
  • Seamlessly connect with over 100 systems including Worldline, PostFinance, Swisscard, Payone, Nets, Planet, Amazon, Klarna, Uber Eats, SAP, Sage, Abacus, Datev, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.
  • Experience the convenience of ready-to-use integration options that save time and effort while ensuring optimal functionality.

The World is Connected. APIs.

  • ReconHub provides simple APIs to send data into the reconciliation process.
  • Integrate ReconHub seamlessly into your surrounding landscape to ensure superior data quality and streamlined processes.
  • APIs simplify the process of integrating or updating systems, such as when introducing a new POS system.
  • Comprehensive documentation is readily accessible for your technical team.

Generic Import and Export. Simple.

  • Seamlessly import or export data from diverse sources and formats, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Supported file formats include CSV, XML, JSON, Excel, and fixed length.
  • Different connectivity options available, such as HTTP and SFTP.
  • Comprehensive documentation is readily accessible for your technical team.

Monitoring of Import and Export.

  • Monitor your data import and export activities in real-time.
  • Get notified of any import or export errors promptly for timely resolution.
  • Stay updated on the status of your data flow to maintain control and ensure accuracy.

Benefits of ReconHub's Integrations and Connectivity

Flexibility and Scalability

With ReconHub's extensive integration capabilities, you can easily scale your reconciliation processes as your business grows, for example when adding new payment methods or locations.


Reduce manual work and save valuable time and resources by automating data import and export processes.

Seamless Data Flow

Ensure a smooth flow of data between your systems, eliminating data fragmentation and improving reconciliation accuracy.

Explore More Features of ReconHub

A Plan That Adapts to the Needs of Your Business, Both Now and in the Future.


Ideal with less than 1 M transactions or 100 M CHF/EUR revenue per year.

For Medium-Sized Businesses
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Efficient, transparent electronic payment reconciliation.

  • Streamline Your Closing Process: Fast, clear and simple financial handling.
  • Gain Transparency: Simplify electronic payment tracking and understand your payments and fee mix.
  • Close with Confidence: Quick, insightful and transparent financial closure.


Ideal with more than 1 M transactions or 100 M CHF/EUR revenue per year.

For Large Enterprises
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In-depth control and transparency in payment reconciliation.

  • Master Your Closing Process: Comprehensive insights, transaction-level matching and effective exception handling.
  • Transparency in Payments and Processes: Understand your payments and fee mix, and your matching processes in detail.
  • Enhance Compliance: Increase transparency and standardize processes, to reduce risk and enhance compliance.

Ready to Take Your Integration to the Next Level?

To explore ReconHub's connectivity and integrations further, contact our team. We offer tailored integrations for different systems and formats to meet your specific needs. Our experts will guide you through the integration process for a seamless transition.


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