System Catering

Streamlined Payment Reconciliation for System Caterers

Are you in a finance team in the system catering industry? Do you have no time, but still need to add new payment means, have constant changes in you organization? Look no further – ReconHub is here to transform the way you close your books in electronic payments.

Efficient Processes, Transparency and Control with Our Innovative Payment Reconciliation Platform

At ReconHub, we understand the challenges faced by financial professionals in system catering restaurants. That's why we have developed a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of features and benefits tailored to your specific needs.

More Payment Methods, like Delivery Services

With ReconHub, you can easily integrate multiple payment methods, including credit cards, mobile payments, online wallets and delivery services. Expand your customer base and provide a seamless payment experience.

Empowering Organizational Growth

ReconHub seamlessly adapts to changing organizational structures, integrating new departments or subsidiaries into the existing financial framework for robust and efficient payment systems.

Automate Manual Matching

ReconHub eliminates hours of manual work with automated transaction, invoice, and payment matching. It empowers organizations to work more efficiently and accurately, addressing the challenge of a lack of skilled workers.

Unleash the Power of Your Payment Data

ReconHub helps understand payment data and fees, providing a comprehensive financial solution for precise records, prompt transactions, and compliance with regulations. ReconHub enables smooth financial transactions and offers insights for informed decision-making on payments and fees.

Since we have been using ReconHub from Abrantix, we have perfect transparency over our complete cashless payment transactions for the first time.

Thomas Mosimann
CFO, McDonald’s Suisse

Why Choose ReconHub?

Choosing ReconHub will not only revolutionize how you close your books, but also offers other significant advantages.

Marriage of Accountancy and Payments

With its extensive partnerships in the payment industry, ReconHub offers unmatched solutions for seamless integration and streamlined processes, making it the ultimate choice for combining accountancy and payments.

Expert Support Every Step of the Way

Choose ReconHub for its unwavering support throughout every stage of the customer journey, from project initiation to going live, comprehensive trainings, and an informative learn center. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Secure and Compliant

ReconHub is committed to the highest standards of data security and privacy. Our platform complies with stringent industry regulations, offering you peace of mind that your sensitive financial data is secure.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of ReconHub?

Schedule a demo now and discover how our platform can revolutionize financial management in your restaurant.

Our Customers Make Us Great

Our customers are the driving force behind Abrantix's success. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional long-term value by harnessing the power of technology and innovation.

Support for the Entire Team

Let ReconHub's cutting-edge payment reconciliation engine take on the burden of manual tasks, optimize your workflows and enhance transparency for better decision making. Empower your finance professionals throughout the organization to dedicate their efforts to valuable tasks that drive greater profitability and productivity.

A Plan That Adapts to the Needs of Your Business, Both Now and in the Future.


Ideal with less than 1 M transactions or 100 M CHF/EUR revenue per year.

For Medium-Sized Businesses
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Efficient, transparent electronic payment reconciliation.

  • Streamline Your Closing Process: Fast, clear and simple financial handling.
  • Gain Transparency: Simplify electronic payment tracking and understand your payments and fee mix.
  • Close with Confidence: Quick, insightful and transparent financial closure.


Ideal with more than 1 M transactions or 100 M CHF/EUR revenue per year.

For Large Enterprises
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In-depth control and transparency in payment reconciliation.

  • Master Your Closing Process: Comprehensive insights, transaction-level matching and effective exception handling.
  • Transparency in Payments and Processes: Understand your payments and fee mix, and your matching processes in detail.
  • Enhance Compliance: Increase transparency and standardize processes, to reduce risk and enhance compliance.